discounted new manual pallet jacks

Model HJ 5500 Pump Jacks from Rent-a-lift

discounted pump jacks
$350 ea.
(normally $400)
overstock sale on pallet jack model hj 5500

manual pallet jacks on sale

RENTALIFT's Manual Pallet Jack Model HJ 5500 is on SALE!

This is a top quality pump jack made for day-in-day-out use.

This jack has proven to be one of the best performance Pallet Jacks used in our rental fleet.

The HJ 5500 is a standard jack size 27” width by 48” long. Lift height is 6” to the bottom of the fork, with a lift capacity of 5,500 lbs. 7” polyurethane steering wheels and 3” polyurethane load wheels. Shipping weight is 160 lbs.

For more information or to purchase call Rick Roehrich at...
973-684-6111 : cell 973-980-4636

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