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These used Drexel forklifts (SLT30 AC models) are in great condition with low hours.  Sale prices start from $17,500 to $21,500.  Articulated forklifts work extremely well in narrow aisles and save you space - increasing warehouse storage space by 50% or more! With their 3-wheel chassis, these Drexel's allow you to go from dock to stock with one truck.

Call 1-800-955-5438 for details on one of the most versatile forklifts available.  Or, you can e-mail Rick Roehrich at with any inquiries. Be sure to get in touch with us soon.

You can download our brochure on these used Drexel's here (.pdf).

The design of these forklifts allows you to turn the mast assembly without turning the entire truck.  This is what allows you to work in narrow spaces - actually within a 4 1/2' aisle!  These operate as Very Narrow Isle vehicles and their versatility allows one person operating one truck to get things done in one move.

The used Drexel forklifts we have for sale are SLT30 AC models with the following specs*:

  • 3,000 lbs. (1,363 kg) at 24" (600mm) Load Center
  • Rear Wheel Driven
  • Very Narrow Isle Forklift
  • Triple and Quad Masts with Lift Heights to 26‘ (7.92M)
  • AC Traction Motor and Controller
  • AC Hydraulic Motor and Controller
  • AC Electronic Steering
  • 110 FPM Lift Speed and 7 MPH Travel Speed
  • 90° Rotating Mast and 20" (500mm) Shift For Easy Load Insertion and Retrieval
  • 56" (1.42M) Stacking Aisle with 48" x 40" (1.2M x 1M) Load
  • Wire Guidance Available for "Steer Free" Very Narrow Aisle Performance

* Specs may vary slightly. Be sure to call 800-955-5438 for spec confirmation on these models.

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Used Drexel Articulated Forklifts for Very Narrow Aisles

used drexel forklift for sale very narrow aisle forklifts articulated forklift for sale
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